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How it Works

We aren't a huge web host that gives you a cPanel interface and then leave you to fend for yourself. All the sites we currently host are WordPress sites. We'll work with you to get your site set up and then give you access to the site to make whatever changes you want.

We keep WordPress updated for you. You only have to deal with your site if you want to change content!

There is a one-time setup fee plus $5 per month for hosting. The setup fee depends on how much help you need in getting the site set up. Contact us to get started!

If you want our simple hosting structure but would like to use something besides WordPress, give us a call.

Some Sites We Host

Check out this sampling of sites we currently host.

Literary Clippings

This site features the the writings of author Michael Monhollon. Most of his writings are in the "Legal Thriller" genre.

Freedom Reins Ranch

Freedom Reins Ranch provides a combination of horse-riding and mentoring for young people. Take a look at this unique ministry.

Slap the Scissors

This simple blog contains various writings of the founder of Sergeant Services.