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Some of Our Work

Check out some of the applications we have built! A couple of these are commercial applications that allow access by invitation only. You can get a sense of the scope of these projects from their websites, though. Logo Trusted provides a state-of-the-art interface that guides a user through the process of creating a Last Will and Testament. There is very little typing required and each step is clearly explained.

Go ahead and check it out! Creating an account is free and it will give you a good sense of our attention to detail with regards to the user interface.


MOST Logo MOST™ is compliance software used by behavioral health organizations to track compliance to various regulations in accordance to guidelines defined by accrediting agencies. Are you asleep yet?

Wading through regulatory language isn't exactly what you'd want to do for fun and that's why this application is so valuable. It cuts through the jargon and provided meaningful reports that not only help organizations improve the quality of their care, but also help convince accrediting agencies that the providers are doing what they are supposed to do.


MOST LogoCompliaTrac™ is a spin-off of MOST™ and provides many of the same features. What makes CompliaTrac™ unique is that it has been architected to meet federal cloud computing regulations including use of FIPS-compliant encryption.

In addition to its impressive security chops, it also has been designed to scale nicely with large numbers of concurrent users ... a helpful feature for governmental use.